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Artist Statements

Artist Statements


November, 2018.

I aim for beauty, comfort, or joy, or laughter, in my work.  Something that gives life. 

Jane L. Troyer

On Hope...

(July 2013)

I aspire to paint paintings and create artwork that involves conveying hope.  And I am striving for harmony and a sense of beauty to calm.  Comfort, even in humor, to assist in replacing the turmoil of the day.

Jane L. Troyer


Painting on Music...

(February 2009)

Listening to music is an additional inspiration I have taken up again, as it can relate to painting. Listening to it, I find great delight in the created sounds and arrangements. I feel it is healthy to focus on it intently and catch the creativity in sound and this gets translated into a pictorial frame of mind.

I always would like to illustrate stories that were read to us in grade school. I like to rely on the subconscious and spiritual realities to mix it up all together after listening to music or reading poems, or the kindness of a stranger or friend to make up a good painting. Listening to music puts wonderful focus on to the imagination in the act of painting.

Jane L. Troyer


On The Autumn Series...

December 2007

The new medium to me, handmade watercolors, provided a wonderful adventure in painting on wet canvas. In this new series I also toned down the colors to the fall colors. In Dallas, they were very rich, until just before Christmas.

I read poetry and quotes and studied, reflected on them. There were poems such as, To Autumn, by William Blake. There was an array of work by different authors, such as Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, They travel with a constant companion, Autumn.  I enjoyed a treasury of literary work on Autumn.

I did not have a shape that I consciously worked out to resemble something from nature. I worked on harmonizing shapes, color, rhythms, that came about in the painting. Subconsciously, or under the surface of my thoughts, the work takes shape by the conscious applications of paint. The paintings were titled a week or day after its completion. Never, Never Land, references a childhood favorite of Tinkerbelle.  Sanctuaire reflects a passage from a poem concerning the twittering birds. It is titled to reflect a nature sanctuary filled with birds.  Autumn Heart reflects the study of To Autumn.

The paintings are not planned; the connection with memories is stirring to me.

Jane L. Troyer